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Welcome to Smart Blonde Creative, a small local design firm with big creative potential. Have a simple design project or need a total revamp? Our creative brains are here to help.

We're the total package, offering both beautiful design and the business-savvy to back them up. The best part? Being the smart cookies we are, we can create a comprehensive design package to fit into the most modest of design budgets. Check out the services page to learn more about what we can do for you!


Our roots are blonde, they're also firmly placed in Pocono soil.

Company founders, Kelly Slinger (Oppelt) & Amanda Kuhn (Kuchinski) grew up in the Pocono Mountains, and their desire to promote their community and its continued growth spurred the creation of Smart Blonde Creative.

The team at Smart Blonde Creative understands the history of the Pocono region and the small, often family-owned businesses that makeup the community. They also understand that today's business environment requires a clear message, smart design and the implementation of technology – even for the little guy. With this in mind, Smart Blonde Creative works with each client to fit creatively-driven, market-savvy design into every budget.

Kelly Slinger (Oppelt), Owner and Creative Director earned her Bachelor in Fine Arts from Arcadia University. Kelly's studies at Arcadia focused primarily on graphic design. Upon graduation from the private university near Philadelphia, Kelly returned to the Pocono area and began honing her career as a graphic artist.

Amanda Kuhn (Kuchinski), Owner and Business Director also left the area shortly to pursue a degree at Dickinson College. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a Concentration in International Business and Management. After a short time spent in Texas, Amanda returned to the Pocono area and began working in the marketing field.

Kelly and Amanda's professional relationship began while working for Local Flair Magazine. Kelly as Senior Graphic Designer and Amanda as Marketing Coordinator. Working closely together on deadlines, Amanda and Kelly formed an exceptional working relationship which lead them to Smart Blonde Creative.


Rotary Club of the Pocono Mountains
The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce
Pocono Networking Group
The Friendly Community Center - Barrett
Monroe County Meals on Wheels


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